American Petroleum Institute

American Petroleum Institute

American Petroleum Institute

QCCS is the only Consultant in KSA to lead and train Oil & Gas industries to get various type of API program. We have a team of expertise with wide experience to provide Consultancy and Training services to various API Registration program.Around the world, the oil and natural gas industry relies on equipment and products identified by the API Monogram to get the job done right. Designed for manufacturers of production equipment, drilling equipment and now, refinery equipment, the API Monogram Program lets companies show the world what they’re made of. The API Monogram Program grants permission to an API Licensee to apply the API Monogram to applicable products that fall within the scope of the program.

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Manufacturers who want to apply the API monogram on their equipment and materials must apply to API for a license to do so. If API determines, through an on-site audit, that a manufacturer has the capability to produce products that consistently conform to API specifications, API shall license that manufacturer to use the API monogram and their license number on specific products made at specific locations. Although any manufacturer may claim that its products meet API specifications without monogramming them, only manufacturers with a license from API can apply the API monogram to their products.

Our experts can work together with you until register your organization under any of following API Program

    • API Monogram Program
    • APIQR (9001) Registration
    • API Spec Q1 Registration
    • ISO/TS 29001 Registration

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