QCCS Group (Branch of Quality Consolidated Certification Services Company)


Welcome to the QCCS Group

(Branch of Quality Consolidated Certification Services Company)

Established in 2009, Branch of Quality Consolidated Certification Services Co. is a certification organization specializing in management system solutions that enhance the performance of client’s organizations. QCCS certifies management systems based on quality, environmental, and health and safety standards such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 22000, ISO 27000, ISO 50001, ISO 28000, GMP, ISO 41001, ISO 31000, ISO 55001, ISO 37001, ISO 22301, ISO 17025, ISO 17020, and so on.

QCCS commits to finishing projects within a predetermined time, maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction’s benchmark. All our customers achieve their ISO certifications in the first certification audit. Our skilled and experienced consultants design and implement the management systems in your organization that will pass any level of stringent auditing standards by any of the auditing bodies.

Experienced over a broad range of industries and technologies, QCCS Group (Branch of Quality Consolidated Certification Services Company) will bring innovative solutions combined with best practice, ensuring that your business benefits from the best available methods in quality assurance. The QCCS Group (Branch of Quality Consolidated Certification Services Company)’s strength is flexibility. There will be no shortcuts or off-the-shelf solutions. Our services are tailored to meet your unique business needs.


QCCS’s mission is to deliver economic value to customers through tailored services as per ISO management systems for their assets and projects, resulting in the achievement of license to operate, risk reduction, and performance improvement.

QCCS Group (Branch of Quality Consolidated Certification Services Company) will ensure that your company benefits from the best quality assurance methods available. The QCCS Group (Branch of Quality Consolidated Certification Services Company’s strength is flexibility. There will be no shortcuts or off the shelf solutions.

Our contribution towards environment:

As QCCS believes in Sustainability It is our core mission to become a carbon neutral company by reducing its carbon footprint, and achieving this feat with our respected clients.

-Better Environment & better tomorrow


Become a leader in our industry and a preferred partner of organizations in achieving and setting quality, safety, environmental and sustainability benchmarks.

To strengthen medium-range business enterprises in the Gulf and Middle East to achieve the highest management standards by providing our professional certification services at affordable prices.

QCCS believes in providing motivation to the organization to implement the best quality, safety and environmental standards and further to make it as a habit.

As we firmly believe;

Motivations, is what gets you started and habit, is what keeps you going consistently.

Our clientele shares with us successful business relationships for over the years, in motivating each other and delivering consistently to different industrial sectors as successful partners.

Why Use QCCS? 

This is a question you should ask any Certification services provider you’re planning to enter into an agreement with.

Our Guarantee: Our results are guaranteed. You’ll get a program that is compliant with all specified
ISO requirements, that enables breakthrough quality performance, and that helps you get the approvals you need when you need them.

Our Experience: Our team comes from management backgrounds. Shouldn’t you engage a management professional to assist in developing your management system? Not only does our team understand the technical aspects of getting your QMS certified, but the business considerations as well. Our team have held senior management positions and are experienced in doing business at an executive level.

Our Customer Service: We focus on personalized service. Each client is assigned an experienced team member, who is never more than a phone call or email away. Our policy is that all customer calls are returned within 2 hours, emails within 1 business day, and all written correspondence within the week.
Our Methods: We collaborate with our clients. We’ll work with you to custom-develop a system that fits your organization, that can be sustained using existing resources and that will grow along with your business. We’ll also help your employees develop the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain the system going forward.

Our Technology: QCC believes in sustainability therefore, we utilize the latest technology. Through our Virtual Quality Certification Services program, we’re able to collaborate using a web-based “virtual workspace”. This approach increases productivity while reducing both on-site certification time and travel related expenses.

Our Track Record: Our client’s recommendations speak for themselves. We make every effort to ensure that our service exceeds our client’s expectations, and our ever-growing list of client testimonials shows our commitment to service excellence. As part of our commitment to service excellence, QCCS periodically solicits feedback from clients to determine their perception of our services, to ensure that their needs are being met, and to identify any potential opportunities for improvement. Prospective clients are invited to request a detailed report of our most recent customer survey results.